Agnes Jane Ross, 1890

Agnes Jane* /Ross/
Given names
Agnes Jane
Also known as
Family with Nelson Trafalgar Foley
Birth: about 1850 45 43 Irland
Death: January 3, 1909Großbritannien
7 years
Foley, Claire
Birth: 1883 33 Großbritannien
Death: 1976USA
1 year
Nelson Trafalgar Foley + Jane Adelaide Rose Doyle
Birth: about 1850 45 43 Irland
Death: January 3, 1909Großbritannien
partner’s wife
Birth: March 16, 1875 42 37 Großbritannien
Death: July 1, 1937Großbritannien
Marriage MarriageDecember 17, 1895Thornton-in-Lonsdale, England, Großbritannien
3 years
partner’s son
Birth: September 29, 1898 48 23 Italien
Death: 1974Großbritannien
4 years
partner’s son
Birth: December 5, 1902 52 27 Italien
Death: May 20, 1983Großbritannien
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Source citation
Citation details: C. Henze vom 09.06.2012

Carlo Henze: "Equally compelling and interesting is mother’s family history and her love affair with Italy. Born 1883 in Southampton to Nelson Trafalgar Foley and his first wife Jane Ross of Glasgow, Scotland, she was the younger of two siblings and named Claire Barbara (Ross) Foley. Her brother, equally named Nelson Trafalgar after his father, was a few years older. The choice of names over at least three generations points in the direction of a seafaring trait (Battle of Trafalgar Oct. 21, 1805). Grandfather Foley was indeed a “naval person” working as managing engineer for a major shipbuilding enterprise in Southampton, specializing in building propulsion units for merchant and warships.

It seems to me that in conformity with the times, his wife Jane, whom the children hardly got to know, succumbed very early to the ravages of tuberculosis, leaving the young family without maternal care and making it necessary for the two children to be placed with assorted aunts and uncles in Ireland, where my mother acquired her distinct accent.

It came, I am sure, as a welcome stroke of luck when grandpa Nelson (Pash to his children) received word from his company to go to Naples for an extended stay to supervise the installation of giant British steam engines in the ships of the Italian Navy, among them the first Italian battleship, the Duilio, the pride of the Italian Navy.

Grandpa Foley decided to remarry and took as his bride one of the younger sisters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes fame, Ida Doyle. The second marriage issue were two boys, Percy and Innes Foley Doyle, nephews of Sir Arthur and our mother's step brothers."